Request for credit return, warranty service or out of warranty repair

You must obtain an RMA # from Addonics in order to return a product for credit, warranty service or out of warranty repair. Package arrives Addonics warehouse without a valid RMA # will be returned to you at your cost. You may request to return a product for credit if the product is purchased directly from Addonics, or from our online store, within 30 days of the date of the invoice. Credit return may be subjected to a 15% restocking charge and only the value of the product is refundable. Please review our return policy for more detail.

Before completing the RMA form below, please create a tech support incident at the following web page Our service agent will reply to your ticket within one business day. For products installation or malfuncting problem, it may simply be caused by incorrect installation procedures or a misconfiguration of the product, such as a wrong jumper or switch setting, which you may have overlooked.

RMA Procedure:

  1. Customer must create a ticket support incident. After our tech support staff confirms that the products need to be returned, the Ticket ID number will be validated for you to complete the RMA form below.

  2. After receiving the RMA form, the Addonics RMA Department will contact you via email to provide you with an RMA number (this may take up to 2 business days). Make certain that any SPAM filter is turned off or is properly configured to allow incoming email from

  3. Upon receiving an RMA Number, return the product (in the original packaging if possible), and make sure to visibly write the RMA Number on the outside of the package. The RMA Number is only valid for 30 days from the date it is issued. Packages which arrive at our warehouse without the RMA Number will be returned to you at your cost.

  4. Please backup your data and remove any storage media when returning a storage product. Addonics is not responsible for any loss of data or storage media.

  5. All returns for credit must contain all original parts, and are subject to approval by Addonics Technologies. We only provide credit returns for products purchased directly from the Addonics Sales Department or the Addonics Online Store: To return a product purchased elsewhere, contact the vendor from which you purchased the product.

  6. Products with physical damage will void the warranty. Addonics is not responsible for any shipping damage. For any products arrived damaged, we will contact you inquiring how you would like us to deal with the product. If necessary, the RMA department will provide you with a digital image of the packaging or damage to assist you in making your decision. If we do not receive any response from you within 30 business days, we will send you a last notice. If there is still no further response within 5 business days the defective product will be discarded.

  7. Return the Defective Product to the Address below:

    Addonics Service Department 1918 Junction Avenue, San Jose, CA 95131 Phone: (408)573-8580 Fax: (510)856-5166
    Customer is responsible for paying the shipping to our customer service location. Any shipping with freight collect to our facility will be returned to the sender.

  8. Addonics will ship the repaired unit back via FedEX or UPS ground. Customer can pay extra for overnight shipping. Contact our customer service for rate charge on overnight shipping.

  9. If you did not purchase the products directly from our online store, a copy of original proof of purchase must be sent together with this form to obtain warranty service. The RMA process and completion may take up to 15 business days from the time the product is received by the RMA Department.

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SECTION FOUR - Purchase Location
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SECTION FIVE - Product Information
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SECTION SIX - Send Proof of Purchase
Use the form below to send Proof of Purchase for the products you wish to RMA. If you purchased the product directly from Addonics, it is not necessary to send a Proof of Purchase.
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