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Tower Security Screw Installation Instructions

Storage Tower security screws are a convenient tool to assist in preventing users from gaining access to the components contained within the Storage Tower. Without the Storage Tower Tooldriver (STSSDVR), these security screws make removing the side panels difficult to accomplish.

Storage Tower Tooldriver
Security Screws

The security screws are compatible with:

  • Storage Tower
  • Storage Tower II
  • Mini Storage Tower
  • Other storage devices or cases which use the common 6 x32/5mm screw.


1. Securing the Security Screws

Locate the two thumb screws which secure the Storage Tower drive door to the rear panel.
Using the Storage Tower security screw tooldriver, firmly push the screw into the screwhole on the rear end of the Tower.

While still applying force to the tooldriver, turn the tooldriver counter-clockwise to secure the screw onto the Tower.

2. Removing the Security Screws

Firmly push the funnel-shaped end of the Storage Tower security screw tooldriver onto the screw.

Turn the tooldriver clockwise to detach the screw from the Tower.