BR-DVD DigiCopier XI

1,2,3! That is how easy it is to copy a Blu-Ray, DVD or a CD with the Addonics family of Blu-Ray/DVD DigiCopier! You can copy any Blu-Ray, DVD or CD disc without a computer. All you need to do is place the master disc into the source drive located on the top of the unit and a blank media into the rest of the other drives below the source drive. Close all the drive doors and start the copying process, and within a few minutes your Blu-Ray, DVD or CD disc is copied.

Designed to take advantage of the high performance SATA technologies, all Addonics Digicopiers are equipped with the latest high speed SATA optical drives that are available in the market. There are choices of four models to offer disc duplication of 1 copy, 3 copies, 7 copies or up to 11 copies at one time depending on your volume requirement. Each model is equipped with a user friendly LCM control module that provides a rich set of set up options.


About this  family of Blu-Rayduplicator

This family of BR-DVD DigiCopiers comes in choice of model with twelve Blu-Ray burners (model # DGBRC11) or a model with five Blu Ray and seven DVD-RRW burners (model # DGBR4DR11).  The DGBRC11 allows you make up to eleven copies of Blu-Ray, DVD or CD disc all at one time. Whereas the DGBR4DR11 allows making copies up to four Blu-Ray disc or eleven DVD/CD disc at one time.


1: 11 Blu-Ray & DVD-RRW duplicator
(model: DGBRC11)
  1:4 Blu-Ray & 1:11 DVD-RRW duplicator
(model: DGBR4DR11)

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Simple operation

  • Choice of model for duplicating up to
    • Model: DGBRC11 - duplicates up to eleven Blu-Ray, DVD or CD disc at one time
    • Model: DGBR4DR11 - duplicates up to four Blu-Ray or eleven DVD/CD disc at one time
  • Operate as stand alone appliance. No computer required
  • User-friendly interface and intuitive message display on the LCM control module
  • High speed 14X Blu-Ray,16X DVD and 48X CD drive for maximum throughput
  • Support copying* of Blu-Ray, CD, DVD, DVD dual layer
  • High-speed simultaneous recording
  • Copy per cycle completes in as little as 6 minutes or less for a 4.5G DVD source image when copying onto 16X DVD media.
  • Edit track feature collects audio tracks on a number of CDs and merges them onto a single CD compilation
  • LCM control module provides a rich set of robust advanced configuration options 
  • firmware update using DVD-ROM disc
  • 110/240V universal power supply for worldwide use

*Note: copy-protected material may not duplicate succcessfully in these duplicators


Maximum copies of BD at one time 11 4
Maximum copies of DVD or CD at one time


Source and Destination Drives

Blu-Ray Read/Writer + DVD+/-R/RW/DL combo drive

Write Speed
BD-R 14x
BD-R (DL) 12x
BD-R (TL) 6X
BD-R (QL) 6x
BD-RE 2x
BD-RE (DL) 2x
BD-RE (TL) 2x
DVD+R 16x
DVD+R (DL) 8x
DVD-R 16x
DVD-R (DL) 8x
CD-R 48x
CD-RW 24x
Read Speed
BD-R 12x
BD-R (DL) 8x
BD-R (TL) 6x
BD-R (QL) 6x
BD-RE 8x
BD-RE (DL) 6x
BD-RE (TL) 4x
BD-ROM 12x
BD-ROM (DL) 8x
DVD±R 16x
DVD±R (DL) 12x
DVD±RW 12x
CD-ROM/R 48x
CD-RW 40x
Read / Write Format (1) Reads data in BD-ROM 
(2) Reads and write in each BD-R SL/DL, BD-RE SL/DL 
(3) Reads data in each DVD-ROM,DVD-R(Ver.1.0,Ver.2.0 for Authoring)
(4) Reads and writes in each DVD-R (Ver.2.1 for General), DVD-R DL, DVD-RW, DVD+R,
(5) Reads data in each CD-ROM, CD-ROM XA, CD-I, Video CD, CD-Extra and CD-Text
(6) Reads data in Photo CD (Single and Multi session )
(7) Reads standard CD-DA
(8) Reads and writes CD-R discs conforming to and Orange Book Part 2
(9) Reads and writes CD-RW discs conforming to and Orange Book Part 3
(10) Reads DVD-RAM with CPRM ,DVD-R with CPRM, and DVD-RW with CPRM
(11) LightScribe MV1.2-N Single Layer DVD +/- R Media Specification
(12) LightScribe MV1.2-N CD-R Media Specification
Access Time BD-ROM 180 ms typ
DVD-ROM 160 ms typ.
DVD-RAM 180 ms typ.
CD-ROM 150 ms typ.
Power Supply (110/240 AC)

500 watts Max

Product Weight

~ 21 lb (9.53kg)

Product Dimensions 
(w x d x h inches)

~ 7.5 x 16.7 x 17.2

Operating Temperature 

0°C - 50 °C

Operating Humidity  5 - 85% RH
Storage Temperature  0°C - 50 °C
Storage Humidity  10% - 90% RH

One Year


DGBRC11 - (1:11 Blu-Ray/DVD Digicopier)
Content: 1:11 Blu-Ray duplicator installed with one Blu-Ray/DVD-RRW burner as a source drive and eleven Blu-Ray/DVD-RRW burners as target drives, power cord and user manual,
Price: 1755.00
DGBR4DR11 - (1:4 Blu-Ray & 1:11 DVD Digicopier)
Content: 1:11 Blu-Ray duplicator installed with one Blu-Ray/DVD-RRW burner as a source drive, four Blu-Ray/DVD-RRW burners and seven DVD-RRW burners as target drives, power cord and user manual,
Price: 1155.00


BR-DVD DigiCopier XI
Applies to: DGBRC11, DGBR4DR11