Cipher RAID Tower (CRTM4HES)

This Cipher RAID Tower is a perfect solution for application that requires reliable storage with redundancy and also the best data security protection at less than half of the price of similar products in the market. Built on the Addonics Mini Storage Tower chassis and CipherChain encryption, this Cipher RAID Towers is designed with RAID Volume Encryption (RVE) architecture to encrypt an entire RAID volume by a simple insertion of a single cipher key. This Cipher RAID Tower can be attached to practically any system with the built-in the eSATA or the USB connections.  By attaching to the Addonics NAS 4.0 adapter, this cipher tower can be instantly turned into a secured NAS on any local area network.

Not only the data is highly secured by the strong AES 256-bit encryption, the Cipher RAID Tower is simple to use and easy to deploy. There is no software to install or special training required. The FIPS certified hardware crypto engine integrated inside the Cipher RAID Tower ensures the maximum performance of the RAID system. Other than the insertion of the encryption key during the initial power up, the Cipher RAID Tower operates and performs just the same as an ordinary RAID system.

RVE encrypts all the drives in the RAID volume with a single crypto engine. This approach costs less than the DLV approach. Performance of the RAID is limited to the maximum throughput of the crypto engine of 150 MB/sec. Operation is simpler as only one encryption key is required to activate the RAID when it is first powered on.

RVE architecture illustration

Below is a summary of the PROs and CONs for the two RAID architectures:

encryption architecture one crypto engine per drive one crypto engine per RAID set
Performance maximum 300 MB/sec depending on the speed of the SATA port Maximum 150 MB/sec
Cost higher lower
Operation requires multiple Cipher keys depending on the # of drives in the RAID set one Cipher key to activate the Cipher RAID Tower
level of security AES 256-bit full disk encryption, each drive can be encrypted with different cipher key code AES 256-bit full disk encryption. Each drive uses the same Cipher key code
recommended applications Video editing, high performance computing that require sustained throughput over 150 MB/sec General office server application, file back up, database, web server, email server, video server and others
  • Install up to four 3.5" SATA hard drives of any capacity (drives not included)
  • Connect to system via eSATA Port
  • RAID Volume Encryption (RVE), one cipher key per RAID volume
  • AES 256-bit hardware encryption
  • Built-in RAID accelerator for high performance
  • One cipher key for the entire RAID set
  • Drives are mounted onto the tower chassis using screws.
  • Drives can be configured as FAST2 (2 drive RAID 0 Striping),, SAFE2 (RAID1 Mirroring), SAFE FAST (RAID 1+0 Mirrored Stripped), BIG 2 (2 drives Concatenation), FAST4 (4 drive RAID 0 Striping), BIG 4(4 drives Concatenation), RAID 1+0, RAID 5 over 4 drives, or RAID 5+S.
  • RAID setting via a rotary switch on the back.
  • Convert to a secured NAS by attaching to the LAN using Addonics NAS 4.0 adapter
  • OS independent, can be used on any system.
  • RAID diagnostic via LED lights.

Components list made up this model:
Mini Storage Tower (MST-B with SCSI-I back panel), 4X1 eSATA / USB 2.0 Hardware Port Multiplier (AD4SR5HPMUS), CipherChain-e on SCSI 1 (Centronics 50-pin) bracket (CCMSPC-E), 1 pair of AES 256-bit Cipher keys (AAENKEY256-2), 3 feet eSATA cable (AAESATA100C)

Optional USB 3.0 - eSATAp adapter (ADU3ESA) for USB 3.0 / 2.0 connection


  • Drive Bays - 4 standard 3.5"" drive bays
  • Connectors on back panel
    • one eSATA
    • one mini USB female connector for cipher key
  • Supported OS - DOS, Windows NT/SP6, 98SE, Me, 2000, XP, 2003, Linux kernel 2.4 and higher, Mac OS 10
  • Number of LED lights: 5
  • Power Supply - 150 Watts 110/220V input
  • Cooling fan: one 80x80 mm ball bearing
  • Weight: 4.9 lb (2.22 kg) (78.4oz)
  • Size: 5.25 x 10.4 x 7.25 inch (133.35 x 264.16 x 184.15 mm) (W x D x H)
  • Operating Temperature and Humidity: 5°C - 60 °C, 10% - 90% RH
  • Storage Temperature and Humidity: -20°C - 70 °C, 5% - 95% RH (non condensing)
  • Warranty:One Year 




AE25SN35SA (Snap-In 25)
Snap-In 25 (2.5inch - 3.5inch adapter), User guide,
Price: 9.99
AAENKEY256 (1 AES 256-bit Cipher key)
Content: 1 piece of AES-256-bit encryption key
Price: 9.00
AAENKEY256-2 (A pair of AES 256-bit Cipher keys)
AAENKEY256-2 A pair of AES 256-bit encryption keys
Price: 17.00
AACSYSU2 (Cipher key management system)
AACSYSU2 Addonics Cipher key duplication and management system. Use as stand alone key duplicator or for generating key codes for the Cipher key.
Price: 699.00
NAS40ESU (NAS 4.0 adapter)
Package content: NAS 4.0 unit, 5V 110/240V AC adapter, 6" CAT5e cable, User guide
Price: 89.00