CipherChain ES

This CipherChain ES is a simple solution to add bullet proof AES 256-bit hardware encryption to external drive enclosures or multi-bay drive enclosure that has the standard SCSI-1 (Centronic-50 connector) punch out on the back. Once install inside the drive enclosure, the CipherChain ES can be used to encrypt any SATA device mounted inside the enclosure. The CipherChain ES can also be implemented to encrypt an entire RAID volume created by the Addonics Port Multiplier at a fraction of the cost of many expensive RAID encryption solutions.

The CipherChain ES is built on a certified AES 256-bit crypto engine (NIST and CSE certified), and is designed for connecting external drive enclosure to any computer via eSATA port. By using an optional eSATA - USB adapter, the enclosure equipped with the CipherChain ES can also be attached to the ubiquitous USB port available on many systems.

  CipherChain ES connection diagram mounted inside the drive enclosure


Example of CipherChain ES installed inside the Addonics Zebra eSATA enclosure with the SCSI-I punch out

Any 5 1/4" drive enclosure with the SCSI punch out similar to the Addonics Zebra enclosure can be converted to an encryption drive enclosure using this CipherChain ES


Example of CipherChain ES installed inside an Addonics Storage Tower with the SCSI-I punch out

The CipherChain ES in this example is set up to encrypt all the hard drives inside the Storage Tower as a RAID volume. Alternatively you may also deploy the original CipherChain to encrypt one to two drives within a RAID volume.


Example of CipherChain ES installed inside Desktop PC with optional PCI bracket

This illustrate using standard PC case as external storage and how the CipherChain ES can be installed into a PCI-slot to add drive encryption.


Simple to use
Similar to all other Addonics encryption products, the CipherChain ES is a pure hardware solution. This means that there is no software to run, no driver to install and no password to remember. There is very little user training required to use the CipherChain ES. All the user needs to do is to the correct Cipher key before powering on the system or the storage device. The CipherChain ES can be operated under any operating system and this makes the CipherChain ES an ideal security solution for organization with heterogeneous computing environment and legacy systems.

Easy to install
The CipherChain ES is a simple pass through device that works with any SATA I / II / III hard drive, SSD (Solid State Drive) or storage device with SATA interface. The SATA hard drive/SSD to be encrypted is simply connected to the device port (the black SATA connector) on the CipherChain ES. The external storage device with the CipherChain ES installed can then be attached to any system via an eSATA port or USB port (with an optional eSATA -USB adapter). With the exception of the ion of the Cipher key to enable the CipherChain ES at power on, the external storage device with the CipherChain ES operates the same as a regular external storage.

CipherChain ES is a full disk encryption solution. This means that the boot sector, partition table and all the information in the drive are encrypted. If the CipherChain ES equipped external drive is stolen and the SATA device is removed from the enclosure to connect to a computer, the drive will appear as a brand new drive with no trace of any data. The AES 256-bit encryption provided by the CipherChain ES is considered as the highest level of encryption standard, secure enough to protect classified information designated as andldquoTop Secretandrdquo.

The CipherChain ES encrypts and decrypts data on the fly using a NIST and CSE certified cryptographic AES engine. Unlike software encryption product which depends on the system CPU to encrypt and decrypt the data, the CipherChain ES has no impact to CPU utilization.. This leaves the system CPU to perform all its computing task at normal speed. There is also no measurable impact to the performance on the hard drive. So there is no noticeable performance difference between the external storage device equipped with or without the CipherChain ES.

Cipher key
The AES 256-bit Cipher key used for the encryption/decryption in the CipherChain ES is the same Cipher key as used in the Addonics Diamond Cipher drive kit, Ruby Cipher drive kit, CipherChain and CipherChain-E. As a result, you can share the same encryption key to operate on the storage device that has been encrypted by either the CipherChain, Diamond Cipher or Ruby Cipher drive kit. You may also order Cipher keys with the same key codes when you order multiple CipherChain ES kits or Cipher keys. You may also re-programmed the Cipher keys to other codes using the optional key management system or sending the keys to Addonics for the re-programming service at no charge.

  • Great for the following applications:
    • Prevent sensitive data from unauthorized access when the external storage device is lost or stolen
    • Shipping or transporting storage devices containing sensitive data.
    • Encrypt an entire RAID volume
  • Support encrypting the following storage devices:
  • AES 256-bit encryption - the highest level of encryption standard
  • FIPS 140-2 certified Crypto Module listed in NIST
  • Full disk encryption. No traceable data when the encrypted drive is connected to any system.
  • Simple to use - no software to run or any password to remember
  • No training required. Encryption / Decryption via a hardware key , just like using a regular key to open a door.
  • Install into any enclosures with PCI slot, standard 3.5" drive bay or SCSI-I (Centronic 50) punch out such as on the back of Addonics Storage Towers and Storage Rack
  • High performance - up to 150 MB/sec
  • OS independent - can be used on any system

Note on Cipher key code
Each pair of Cipher keys is set with a unique key code. When ordering multiple Cipher kits and extra Cipher keys and wish that all the keys be set to the same key code, please provide instructions at the final checkout when placing the order at our online store. Customers may also e-mail the instructions with reference to the sales order number after final checkout. When ordering from an Addonics reseller or distributor, be sure to leave the instructions when placing the order. Keys can be sent back to Addonics at any time if re-coding is desired there is no charge for re-coding keys, the only charge is the return shipping of the newly re-coded keys.

  • Onboard AES 256-bit crypto engine
  • Compatible with SATA I/II/III HDD/SSD
  • SATA connectors:
    • Blue - for connecting to host
    • Black - for connecting to device
  • LEDs:
    • Green - for power and the presence of key code
    • Yellow - drive access activity
  • RESET: To clear key code and reset the CipherChain. This also remove the drive icon when the storage device is removed from the CipherChain and the connected SATA supports hot swap.
  • Disable RESET jumper - use for disabling the RESET button.
  • Maximum throughput - 150 MB/sec
  • Small 4-P power connector
  • Input power: 5V @ 150 mA
  • Dimension: 85 x 50 x 23 mm (W x D x H) (3.34 x 1.97 x 0.91 in)
  • Weight: 81 g (2.86 oz)
  • Operating temperature and humidity: 0 °C to + 75 °C, 5% - 95% (non condensing)
  • Storage temperature and humidity: -40 °C to + 85 °C, 5% - 90% humidity

There is no back door for the CipherChain encrypted hard drive if the Cipher key is lost or stolen. To ensure there is a spare key, every CipherChain kit comes with one pair of Cipher keys. One of these keys should be kept in a safe and secure location and can be sent back to Addonics for duplicating additional keys. If you are down to the last key, be sure to make a back up of all the data stored inside your encrypted hard drive prior to sending the last key to Addonics. Addonics is not responsible for the key lost in the mail or the retrieval of the data inside the encrypted hard drive.


CCMS1-ES - (CipherChain kit for external enclosure)
CipherChain ES, 1 paif of AES 256-bit Cipher keys, Floppy Y-power cable, 18inch internal Serial ATA cable, user guide,
Price: 79.00


CKEYEX6 (Cipher key extension cable, 6 feet)
Content 6 feet Cipher key extension cable. Can be used to connect the Cipher key 6 feet from the CipherChain, Diamond Cipher, Ruby Cipher and other Addonics Cipher equipment.
Price: 17.95
AACSYSU2 (Cipher key management system)
AACSYSU2 Addonics Cipher key duplication and management system. Use as stand alone key duplicator or for generating key codes for the Cipher key.
Price: 699.00
AAENKEY256 (1 AES 256-bit Cipher key)
Content: 1 piece of AES-256-bit encryption key
Price: 9.00
AAESATA100C (eSATA - eSATA cable, 100 cm.)
Content: 100 cm. eSATA connecting cable with eSATA connectors on both ends. Full compliance with eSATA specification. Great for connecting external storage device with eSATA connector to eSATA host controller.
Price: 9.00
AAESATA200C (eSATA cable, 200 cm (6 ft.))
Content: 200 cm. eSATA connecting cable with eSATA connector on both ends. Full compliance with eSATA specification. Great for connecting external storage device with eSATA connector to eSATA host controller.
Price: 13.99