Disk Array 5SA
Addonics Disk Array 5SA, system makes implementing sophisticated RAID technology into any computer as simple as counting 1,2,3. Designed to accommodate up to five 3.5" SATA, SATA II, SATA III, or SAS hard drives in the 5SA, each hard drive can be easily secured inside or removed from the Disk Array rack with the simple aluminum drive drawer.

Disk Array 5SA Tower view

Black color model (AE5RCS35NSA)
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Disk Array 5SA front and rear view  click on image to see enlarged image

Ivory color model (AE5RCS35NSAW)
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Disk Array 5SA front and rear view  click on image to see enlarged image


The Disk Array 5SA, in conjunction with different Addonics SATA RAID controllers, enables the hard drives inside the Disk Array to be set up in various configurations: as RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5 or JBOD, as individual hard drive, or whatever the mix that best fits the application. The Disk Array can start with as little as one hard drive and then expands as needed. Hard Drive can also be removed or added to the system without turning off your system power or restarting your computer (1).

The Disk Array 5SA can be mounted into any system with three 5 1/4" drive bay stack  Constructed with aluminum for durability and efficient heat conduction, a high CFM fan system is located at the back of the unit to ensure efficient cooling of any hard drive. Combining with Addonics Serial ATA RAID controllers, high performance and reliable data storage system can be implemented at less than half of the cost of the traditional IDE or SCSI systems. 

  • Disk Array 5SA - for installing 5 SATA or SAS hard drives into three 5 1/4" drive bay stack flipped horizontally*
  • Can be used as an external RAID system using optional external power adapters(See power supply requirement below)
  • Maximum throughput depends the performance of the hard drive and the SATA port
  • Full Serial ATA 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 compliant
  • Support full SATA 3.0 speed of 6 Gbps
  • Aluminum frame and drive drawer
  • Choice of black color bezel or ivory color bezel
  • Innovative lock and handle for each drive drawer
  • Hot swap1 support
  • Point to point connection, no cabling needed to install the hard drive into the drive drawer
  • SATA 15 pin and standard 4 pin PC power connector
  • Power switch/LED indicator and over temperature buzzer alarm
  • Fan switch/LED indicator and failure buzzer alarm
  • Power switch/LED for each hard drive

*While the Disk Array 5SA is capable of fitting into 3 5 1/4" drive bay stack on a desktop tower, seating from the metal bracket may cause possible obstruction for ion of the Disk Array 5SA. Click here for more information.

(1) Serial ATA hot swap feature works only with controllers basing on Silicon Image chip set from our inhouse testing. Other controllers that are not Silicon Image based may not support hot swap. You may consider adding one of the Addonics Serial ATA host controllers to your systems to ensure the hot swap capability. New controllers from Intel and other suppliers may finally support this feature. Please verify with your controller manufacturer if you need to have hot swap in your application. Hot swap is supported in Windows 2000 and XP only. On other OS, drive can be removed without crashing system. But replacing with a different drive can result in crashing the OS.

Power supply requirements for the Disk Array

The Disk Array 5SA is equipped with three standard 4P power connectors and a pair of 15-pin SATA power connectors on the back for easy connection to any standard PC power supply. Depending on the maximum power available from each power connection, two power connections from the same power supply may be necessary to provide adequate power for 5 hard drives. 

RAID 1- Mirroring and Duplexing for fault tolerance

Best suited applications
  • Improved read transaction rate
  • Full fault tolerance
    Data between two drives is mirrored in real time. Failed drive can be hot swapped and replaced with no interruption to system operation. Replacement drive is automatically rebuilt from the good drive
  • Accounting
  • Payroll
  • Any application requiring fault tolerance in storage system for high availability

RAID 0 - Disk Stripping for high performance

Best suited applications
  • Data is broken into block and written to two separate disk drive. This significantly improves Read/Write performance by spreading the I/O load across the two drives
  • Video editing and production
  • Image editing
  • Pre-press applications
  • Any application requiring high performance data storage system

RAID 0+1 - Benefit of both high performance and fault tolerance

RAID 5 - Parity RAID

Best suited applications
  • Parity RAID adds fault tolerance to Disk Striping by including parity information with the data. Parity RAID dedicates the equivalent of one disk for storing parity stripes.
  • Parity RAID uses less capacity for protection, reducing cost per megabyte for larger installations.
  • Accounting
  • Payroll
  • Any application requiring fault tolerance in storage system for high availability

*Note: It is common in RAID5 configuration that the WRITE speed performs slower than READ. Depending on system hardware, the WRITE performance can to 25% of the READ speed. This performance difference does not affect general database application where majority of the transations are READ commands. For applications that require large files transfer or continuous writing of data on the the hard drive such as video editing, RAID5 configuration may not be desirable.


Serial ATA

Construction material
Aluminum on frame and drive drawer
Hard drive type

3.5" SATA, SATA II, SATA III, or SAS I / II hard drive or

2.5" SATA I / II / III hard drive using optional Addonics Snap-In 25 (model AE25SN35SA

Max. number of drives


MAX Data Transfer Rate
depends on the hard drive and the SATA port
Power connection
Two 15-pin SATA power connectors, three 4-pin Molex power connectors
Serial ATA connection

five standard 7-pin SATA connectors

Over temp alarm setting
65 °C, 60 °C, 55 °C
For temperature, individual hard drive, and cooling fan
For over temperature and fan failure condition
For each hard drive drawer
Hard Drive connection
Point to point, no cable required for installing hard drive into drive drawer
cooling system
8 cm cooling fan
Weight (with no hard drive)

3.55 lb.

Dimensions (L x W x H)

8.02 x 5.75 x 4.96 inches (204 x 146 x 126 mm)

File Systems
One Year

All specifications are subject to change without notice

System requirement

  • PC/AT or Compatible System
  • Serial ATA ports
  • Three free 5 1/4" drive bays in one stack for internal installation
  • Pentium or greater
  • Minimum 32 MB RAM
  • 10 MB minimum free hard disk space


AE5RCS35NSA - (Disk Array enclosure (black) 5 SATA HD)
Disk Array 5SA with 5 drive drawers, five 50-cm internal SATA connecting cables (AASAIDC18I), user guide,
Price: 139.00
AE5RCS35NSAW - (Disk Array enclosure (ivory) 5 SATA HD)
Package content: Disk Array 5SA with 5 drive drawers, five 50-cm internal SATA connecting cables (AASAIDC18I), user guide,
Price: 99.00
AE3RCS35NSA - (Disk Array enclosure (black) 3 SATA HD)
Disk Array 3SA with 3 drive drawers, three 50-cm internal SATA connecting cables (AASAIDC18I), user guide,
Price: 45.00


AASATAB2 (2 ports external SATA PCI bracket (L))
AASATAB2 PCI slot mounting bracket with two External Serial ATA connector to convert internal Serial ATA to external Serial ATA. 12" cable length
Price: 6.00
AASATAB2-e (2 ports eSATA PCI bracket (I))
AASATAB2-e PCI bracket with 2 eSATA ports. Convert up to two internal SATA ports to two latest external SATA (eSATA) ports via 1 PCI slot. 12" cable length
Price: 9.00
AASAEDC3F (External SATA data cable, 100 cm.)
AASAEDC3F 100 cm. external Serial ATA cable with standard SATA conncectors on both ends of the cable. Constructed with heavy duty shielding and connector to ensure reliable connection to external data storage devices.
Price: 9.00
AASA2SA100C (External eSATA - SATA cable, 100 cm)
AASA2SA100C eSATA to SATA connecting cable, 100 cm. eSATA connector on one end and heavy duty SATA1 (regular SATA connector) on another end. Great for connecting external SATA storage device to eSATA port.
Price: 12.99
AA4RCSDR (Drive drawer (black) for Disk Array SATA)
AA4RCSDR Drive drawer (black color) for Disk Array 4SA. For installing 3.5" Serial ATA hard drive.
Price: 14.95
AA4RCSDRW (Drive drawer (beige) for Disk Array 4SA)
AA4RCSDRW Drive drawer (ivory color) for Disk Array 4SA. For installing 3.5" Serial ATA hard drive.
Price: 14.95