4x Multilane Bridge for SATA Controller

Discontinued.  Possible replacement: SATA - external mini SAS (SFF-8088) bridge or Dual Mini SAS Converter



Implementing the reliable Infiniband cabling in external SATA storage system is easy and simple using the Addonics family of Multilane SATA converters. The Multilane bridge for the SATA controller easily adds a multilane connector to any desktop system, server or equipment via a PCI mounting bracket. With this bridge, up to 4 internal SATA/SATA II/SATA III ports can be set up for external SATA connection.



Multilane bridge for SATA controller (ADSAML-PCI)

  • Converts up to 4 internal SATA ports to external 1 multilane connector
  • Mounts on a PCI slot opening of a standard height desktop or low profile PC
  • Drive access LEDs shows drive activity
  • The ADSAML-PCI functions as a bridge board to convert internal SATA ports into a single multilane connection. To convert SATA hard drives into the multilane connection, use the Multilane bridge for SATA storage (ADSAML) below.

  • Support SATA I and SATA II
  • 4X Multilane connector with thumb screw support
  • Fully compliant with SFF 8470 Specification
  • Cross-Over Pinouts
  • Dimension:
    mounting bracket
    AD4SAML 43 x 45 mm
    (1.71 x 1.76 in)
    84 x 47 x 23 mm
    (3.32 x 1.84 x .9 in)
    AD4SAML-PCI 64 x 45 mm
    (2.54 x 1.76 in)
    Stand height or low profile mounting bracket
  • 1 year warranty