CF Hard Drive Adapter

This family of unique CF-IDE Hard Drive Adapters is designed to enable one or two Compact Flash (CFI/II) media to be used as direct replacements for 2.5" IDE hard drives. As a result, any equipment, such as Notebook computer, that uses a 2.5" IDE hard drives can be easily converted to use low power consuming and shock resistant CF media. Once installed, the CF appears as an ordinary hard drive to any OS and can be configured as a boot device. The Dual CF-IDE Hard Drive Adapter contains a second CF slot for the slave position of the IDE channel, allowing increased storage capacity with the same low power consumption and solid state benefits of the CF card.


CF Hard Drive Adapter (single slot)
model: AD44MIDECF
Dual CF-IDE Adapter (2 slots)
model: AD44MIDE2CF



Illustration of replacing the hard drive with a CF Adapter in a Notebook
Locate 2.5" IDE drive door and remove the screws to open the door. Remove 2.5" IDE hard drive from 44 pin IDE connector. Attach the CF Adapter with CF card ed onto the 44 pin IDE connector with key pins matching.

note: the CF can be secured inside the hard drive cavity with a double face tape. A small piece of styrofoam block may also be shaped to fit and fill the extra space. This usually not necessary as the CF media is very light and the IDE connector makes a very tight connection that is highly unlikely to come loose.


Optional slim CD mounting bracket for AD44MIDE2CF

  • Enable Compact Flash (CF) to be used like ordinary 2.5" IDE hard drive
  • Compatible with CFI/II, MicroDrive&trade *
  • Choice of single slot or dual slots CF adapter
  • Drive access LED
  • IDE interface
  • Mini 44-pin IDE male connector (2.5" IDE hard drive connector)
  • Bootable
  • Compatible** with DOS, Windows 3.1, NT4, 98SE, Me, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac or Linux
  • Supports DMA and Ultra DMA modes (only on flash media card with such features)

* CF Type II or MicroDrive can only be ed into the CF1 position of the adapter.
** Media must be in the device during boot up. Media is not hot swappable

mini 44-pin IDE male (2.5" IDE hard drive connector)
Supported media Compact Flash Type I/II, MicroDrive
Number of CF slots choice of single slot or dual slot
Maximum Read / Write Speed: Depends on the media
OS Support: DOS, Windows 3.1, N+5V from PC power supply
Built-in onboard regulator T, 98SE, Me, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS 8.6 or higher, Linux
  • CF Hard Drive Adapter (W x D x H) - 56 x 6 x 59 mm with CF card attached
  • Dual CF-IDE Adapter (W x D x H) - 56 x 10 x 60 mm with CF card attached
Weight: ~ 1 oz.

depend on CF card

Operating Temperature 0 °C to + 75 °C
Operating Humidity: 5% - 95% (non condensing)
Storage Temperature: -40 °C to + 85 °C
Storage Humidity: 5% - 90%
Warranty: One Year


AD44MIDE2CF - (Dual CF IDE hard disk adapter)
Dual CF-IDE Adapter for Notebook with mini 44-pin IDE male connector,
Price: 21.99


AA44M2CFCSB (slim CD bracket for AD44MIDE2CF, black)
slim CD mounting kit for AD44MIDE2CF, 2x screws for adapter mount, 4x screws for slim ATAPI chassis mount,
Price: 4.50
AA25IDE35 (2.5" - 3.5" IDE connector kit)
AA25IDE35 Converter connector for 2.5" or 1.8" (Hitachi only) to 3.5" IDE hard drive. Enable 2.5" IDE hard drive to be used as standard 3.5" IDE hard drive on Desktop, Server or rack mounted system.
Price: 4.99