1.8" micro SATA - 2.5" SATA converter
This 1.8" micro SATA - 2.5" HDD SATA adapter enables micro SATA storage device such as 1.8" micro SATA HDD / SSD or Addonics micro SATA flash adapters to be used as a direct replacement for 2.5" 9mm height SATA hard drive. Using this adapter, you can also easily read/write to the 1.8" micro SATA device via Addonics Pocket UDD25 or the Internal UDD25 via eSATA/SATA or USB3.0 connection.


Illustration of installing a 1.8" micro SATA hard drive into the adapter    1.8" micro SATA HDD fully inserted into the adapter

The adapter has the same dimension and mounting hole locations of 
a standard 2.5" 9mm height SATA HDD.

Also suitable for converting the following Addonics flash adapters into a 2.5" SATA HDD:


  • Convert 1.8" micro SATA storage device into a 2.5" 9mm height SATA HDD
  • Enable read/write to micro SATA device using Addonics Pocket UDD25 or the Internal UDD25 via eSAT/SATA or USB3.0 connection
  • SATA native interface - support SATA I, II or III standards 
  • OS independent
Supported Drive Type
1.8" micro SATA HDD/SSD
Supported Interface SATA I, II or III
Maximum transfer rate 6 Gbps
Power source: Serial ATA 15-pin power connector
Supported OS OS independent
Dimensions (W x D X H): 70 mm x 101 mm x 9 mm (2.76" x 3.94" x .35") 
Same dimension as a standard 2.5" 9 mm. height SATA HDD 
Weight: 58 g (2.04 oz)
Operating temperature and humidity:

Industrial operating temperature - 40 °C  to +85 °C,

5 - 90 %RH

Storage temperature and humidity: - 40 °C to +85 °C, 0 - 95 %RH (non- condensing)
Warranty: One Year
RoHS compliant Yes


AD18M25S - (1.8" micro SATA - 2.5" SATA HDD adapter)
Content: 1.8" micro SATA - 2.5" SATA HDD adapter,
Price: 19.00


ADM218SA (M2 SSD - micro SATA adapter)
Content: One adapter for changing a M2 SSD to a 1.8" micro SATA SSD.
Price: 22.95
Applies to: AD18M25S

- 1.8" micro SATA - 2.5" SATA converter