Amber Mini Mobile Rack

The Amber Mini Mobile Rack is one of the most compact removable drive systems in the market. Designed for mounting into the space of a PCI slot or equivalent, this mobile rack enables any slim 7mm height SATA HDD/SSD to be used as a removable media. The small form factor of this mobile rack makes it an ideal solution for adding removable drive system in small form factor computer or equipment. By using the Addonics family of 7 mm flash drive kits, mSATA and M2 media can become a convenient removable media for this Mobile Rack. The drive tray is fully compatible with the Addonics Amber Disk Array 8SA, a high-density storage backplane that squeezes eight 7mm removable drives inside one 5¼ drive bay. The combination of the Amber PCI Mobile Rack and Disk Array 8SA significantly increase the number of storage devices installable into a wide range of computing equipment.


Drive tray is partially inserted into
the drive cradle (rack)
(note to orient the drive tray with the tray latch facing the top
of the PCI bracket)

Installing 2.5" HDD/SSD into the drive tray

Step 1: with the drive tray facing up, you may loosen the two screws next to the metal spring to loosen the cover and slide the hard drive into the tray

Step 2: put back the two cover screws to secure the cover onto the tray

Step 3: Turn the tray upside down together with the drive inside. Secure the drive to the tray with two to four 2.5" HDD screws


PCI Mobile Rack mounted in a PCI slot
of a Desktop  system

Shown with the drive tray partially inserted Top view with the computer cover opened




  • Compact size - ideal for adding a removable drive system into computer or equipment with limited number of drive bays
  • Mount into standard height PCI or PCIe slot
  • Turn any standard 2.5" 7mm height SATA HDD/SSD into a removable drive media
  • PCI slot can be removed from the mobile rack for custom mounting onto special bracket
  • Power and drive access LEDs
  • Rugged steel construction
  • Both drive tray and cradle are well ventilated for fast cooling
  • Choice of model with or without the PCI mounting bracket
  • Drive tray is interchangeable with the Amber Disk Array 8SA
  • SATA and small 4P Molex power connector on back of drive cradle (rack)
  • Separate LED for power and drive access
  • Dimensions:
    • Depth: ~ 138 mm (5.43 in.) from front of the PCI bracket to the end of the small 4P Molex connector
    • Width (thickness of the drive cradle): ~ 11 mm (.43 in.)
    • Height (drive cradle): ~ 72 mm (2.83 in.)
  • Weight: ~ 5.9 oz. (167) 
                ~ 2 oz (57g) for the drive tray only
  • Operating temperature and humidity: - 40 to 65 °C, 5 - 90% RH
  • Storage temperature and humidity: 0 - 65 °C, 5 - 95% RH (non-condensing)




ABPCIMR7M - (Amber PCI Mobile Rack for 2.5" 7mm HDD/SSD )
Content: Amber PCI Mobile Rack for 2.5" 7mm height HDD or SSD, one set of mounting screws for 2.5" HDD
Price: 25.95
ABMR257 - (Amber Mini Mobile Rack for 2.5" 7mm HDD/SSD )
Content: Amber Mini Mobile Rack for 2.5" 7mm height HDD or SSD, one set of mounting screws for 2.5" HDD
Price: 25.40


ABPCIMR7M-P (PCI bracket for ABMR257)
Content: Amber Mini Mobile Rack PCI bracket
Price: 1.99
ABMR257-T (Drive tray for Amber Mini Mobile Rack)
Content: Amber Mini Mobile Rack drive tray
Price: 12.00
ABMR257-C (Drive cradle (rack) for Amber Mini Mobile Rack)
Content: Amber Mini Mobile Rack drive cradle
Price: 14.00
AD4SA6GPX2 ( 6G 4-port SATA PCIe 2X controller)
>Content: 6G 4-port SATA PCI-Express 2 lanes controller, user guide
Price: 55.00
AD10SA6GPX2 (6G 10-port SATA PCIe 2X Controller)
Content: 6G 10-port SATA PCIe 2 lanes Controller, PM management software CD, user guide
Price: 79.00