News 2008
NAS Adapter - 2008-12-12

The Addonics NAS Adapter offers fairly robust management features, including user-level access and password protection to folders..

Portable Dual Drive RAID Enclosure - 2008-08-18

Power users who have dreamed of outfitting their portable backup solution in a RAID 0 array can now do so thanks to Addonics' new Portable Dual Drive RAID enclosure (AE25RDESU). Nervous Nellies are covered too, with RAID 1 providing a backup for your backup.

Portable Dual Drive RAID Enclosure - 2008-07-07

Addonics has released its new Portable Dual Drive RAID Enclosure (US$99), which accommodates up to up to two 2.5-inch SATA hard drives into a small package. To enhance portability, the entire storage unit is designed to be powered by most USB ports.

Portable Dual Drive RAID Enclosure - 2008-07-07

The chassis opens to allow you access to the drive mechanisms without needing any screws to be removed.

Portable Dual Drive RAID Enclosure - 2008-07-07

We've seen a couple tiny / portable RAID enclosures, but Addonics's new Portable Dual Drive enclosure is the smallest we've seen so far, with a compact stacked design that allows you to easily swap drives. The eSATA / USB 2.0 box supports RAID 0/1 and several other disk configs, and Addonics is hyping compatibility with SATA-to-CF adapters that'll let you build a crazy SSD RAID.

Portable Dual Drive RAID Enclosure - 2008-07-07

The drive features push-button RAID setting support and supports RAID Level 0 and Level 1, JBOD (Just a Bunch of DIsks), BIG, SAFE50, SAFE33 or GUI modes using built-in hardware.

Dual CF - SATA Adapter - 2008-06-12

If you have several CompactFlash cards lying around from an old DSLR camera and want to put them to work inside your computer as a SSD drive Addonics has a new adapter that will allow just that. The Dual CF andndash SATA Adapter has dual CF slots to allow for using two CF cards as the same time via a SATA or USB connection.

ZIF to CF Adapter - 2008-05-12

If you've got a dead iPod that's still loaded with files, this adapter will allow you to gain access to all of those files that would otherwise be lost.

Snap-In ExDrive 25 - 2008-05-06

The Addonics Snap-In ExDrive25 is an attractive unit that features a very easy way to change out drives.

Snap-In ExDrive 25 - 2008-04-25

The drive enclosure is extremely user-friendly. Users can directly the drive inside the 2.5-inch bay, then start using it on the fly. To maximize the installation efficiency, Addonics' enclosure needs no additional tools or screws for the installation part.

Zebra Enclosure - 2008-04-06

The Addonics Zebra enclosure is a versatile and easy way to add a DVD, CD or hard drive as an external drive to your computer system and even home entertainment system.

Zebra Blu-Ray HD DVD - 2008-01-07

Product of the Week: Addonics Zebra HD Combo Drive