News 2006
2 Port eSATA Cardbus Adapter - 2006-11-17

If you're looking for a way to hook up high-performance storage to your notebook, Addonics' CardBus adapter is hard to beat.

2 Port eSATA Controller for Mac Pro - 2006-09-27

The Addonics ADSA3GPX1-2EM 2-port SATA host adapter for the Apple Mac Pro provides exceptional value and good performance. For as little as $39.99 this card can add SATA PM compatibility and two additional SATA ports to any Mac Pro model.

CF - IDE Adapter - 2006-08-10

ADDONICS will please everyone with this Compactflash to IDE interface that allows booting any OS on Earth from a microdrive or CF memory card, but does so using a Serial-ATA connection.

CF - IDE Adapter - 2006-07-21

Boot any OS on Earth from a CF card or Microdrive. The adapter's construction is good, the price is right, and the ability to turn it from a front side bay adapter to one hidden in the back via the included PCI bracket is a nice bonus.

USB 2.0 to eSATA Adapter - 2006-06-30

The USB 2.0 to eSATA Adapter allows users to connect a SATA hard drive enclosure with an eSATA data cable to any Macintosh or Windows computer with a USB 2.0 port.

5x1 eSATA PM - 2006-04-21

The Addonics 5X1 eSATA port multiplier is an awesome option for adding port multiplier capability to a Storage Tower, two bay or larger SCSI enclosures.

Saturn Cipher - 2006-03-24

The Addonics Saturn Cipher is a great way to store or transport sensitive data without worrying about someone stealing the drive and having access to your information.

Saturn Cipher - 2006-02-10

Addonicsandrsquo Saturn Cipher design incorporates a number of usability and security features. There is full data portability. The hardware key is tied to the disk and no passwords to remember.

Toshiba 1.8inch to 2.5inch IDE connector - 2006-02-03

Addonics today announced a device that lets users connect to the hard drive of any computer, as well as the hard drive found on Apple's iPod.

Saturn Cipher - 2006-01-30

The hardware-based hard drive encryption solution is easy to deploy and requires no additional softwre to provide 64-bit DES/TDES data encryption.

Disk Array 3SA - 2006-01-20

Addonics Disk Array 3SA (AE3RCS35NSA) fits perfectly in the Storage Tower. It mounts up to 3 SATA hard drivs in an enclosure which has space available for two 5.25" devices.

Storage Tower - 2006-01-10

A four bay 5.25" external enclosure that supports SATA or USIB connections. Addonics Storage Tower is one of the least expensive aluminum external eSATA four bay enclosure.