The Rehabilitation Act Amendments (Section 508)

On August 7, 1998, President Clinton signed into law Section 508, an amendment of the rehabilitation act addressing the public with disabilities to have access to electronic and information technology, to the extent it does not pose an “undue burden.” The law applies to all Federal agencies when they procure or use electronic and information technology. For a comprehensive explanation about Section 508, please visit

Our products are covered under subpart B, Technical Standards, of Section 508 and based on our analysis we believe that Addonics Technologies, Inc. and its products conform to the applicable standards as described in Section 508 since:

  1. our products are external storage devices, host controllers and storage accessories that addresses data storage, data access, and storage interface conversions.
  2. each of our products are integrated into computer equipment by attaching to or installing inside a computer.
  3. there is no direct interaction required by the users to use or access our products once it is installed onto the computer equipment.
  4. the operations of our products are all handled through the computer Operating System or Software applications.

The Multi Function Recorder (MFR) is the only product that would fall under the regulations of Section 508 (subpart 1194.24, Video and Multimedia Products). The devices come with built-in LCD display that displays a standard 2 lines of information. For a comprehensive explanation of this product, please check the following link to the details of product accessibility.

Last Updated: November 1, 2005


Voluntary Product Accessibility Template

Supporting Features
Remarks and Explanations
Section 1194.21 Software Applications and Operating Systems    
Section 1194.22 Web-based Internet Information and Applications    
Section 1194.23 Telecommunications Products    
Section 1194.24 Video and Multi-media Products    
Section 1194.25 Self-Contained, Closed Products see detailed information below.  
Section 1194.26 Desktop and Portable Computers    
Section 1194.31 Functional Performance Criteria    
Section 1194.21 Software Applications and Operating Systems    


Section 1194.25 Self Contained, Closed Products - Detail

Voluntary Product Accessibility Template

Supporting Features
Remarks and Explanations
(a) Self contained products shall be usable by people with disabilities without requiring an end-user to attach Assistive Technology to the product. Personal headsets for private listening are not Assistive Technology.

Addonics products are internal and external storage devices that will be installed inside a computer tower or, as external devices, outside the computer tower, perhaps on top of the desk.

Once it’s plugged-in it is ready to be used.

(b) When a timed response is required, the user shall be alerted and given sufficient time to indicate more time is required. Not Applicable
No Addonics products have time limits or require a timed response.
(c) Where a product utilizes touch screens or contact-sensitive controls, an input method shall be provided that complies with 1194.23 (k) (1) through (4). Not Applicable
No Addonics products have touch screens or contact-sensitive controls.
(d) When biometric forms of user identification or control are used, an alternative form of identification or activation, which does not require the user to possess particular biological characteristics, shall also be provided. Not Applicable
No Addonics products use identification form to activate the products.
(e) When products provide auditory output, the audio signal shall be provided at a standard signal level through an industry standard connector that will allow for private listening. The product must provide the ability to interrupt, pause, and restart the audio at anytime. Not Applicable
No Addonics products have auditory capabilities.
(f) When products deliver voice output in a public area, incremental volume control shall be provided with output amplification up to a level of at least 65 dB. Where the ambient noise level of the environment is above 45 dB, a volume gain of at least 20 dB above the ambient level shall be user selectable. A function shall be provided to automatically reset the volume to the default level after every use. Not Applicable
No Addonics products have speakers.
(g) Color coding shall not be used as the only means of conveying information, indicating an action, prompting a response, or distinguishing a visual element.

Not Applicable
Addonics products are storage peripherals.

As such, they do not convey information.

Some devices have LED light, which indicates the device is ON. The light will be turned off when the device is powered off.