List of Potentially ExpressCard Cardbus Adapter-Incompatible Deivices

The following is a list of devices and systems which have been reported by customers as having compatibility issues with the ExpressCard Cardbus Adapter (ADEXC34CB). We still cannot be certain that all of these devices are truly incompatible as there is always the possibility of a defective product and/or incorrect usage/installation methods.

Laptops or other types of computer systems

  • HP Pavillion DV9500Z
  • HP Pavillion DV6000
  • HP Pavillion DV9500T
  • Villagetronics VT Book

Cardbus (32-bit) devices

  • Kyocera KPC650
  • HDSPCB card
  • Sony Ericsson GC89
  • Netgear Wag511
  • T-Mobile GC89
  • D-Link DWL-650
  • Pantec PX-500
  • Panasonic P2 Card when used under Mac OS X
  • Sierra Wireless 860
  • Sierra Wireless 595
  • CP5512 (32-bit Card Bus)