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The Addonics RAID Tower is a family of RAID enclosures built on the Addonics family of Storage Tower platform. Integrated with a combination of Addonics Removable Drive SystemsDisk Array, and Port Multiplier, each RAID Tower model comes with everything needed to connect the drives to the computer. You can start with as little as one drive and expand to more capacity by adding more drives later. On certain RAID Tower models, you can mix and match SATA or IDE hard drives, or SSD (Solid State Drive) of different form factors into the same RAID Tower unit.

Depending on the Port Multiplier installed inside the RAID Towers, the drives inside can be configured to appear as individual drive or to form a RAID volume. Once the drives are configured, they can be connected to any computer via a single eSATA, USB or Multilane connection. The RAID Tower is designed for convenient drive installation or removal, like using an ordinary tape cassette. Below are the avialable options for adding or removing the drive from the RAID Tower:

1. Direct insertion of the drive into the drive bay opening in the front – for model equipped with Snap-In Mobile Rack or Snap-In Disk Array
2. Mounting onto a removable drive tray – for model equipped with standard Disk Array
3. Mounting onto a removable drive enclosure – for model equipped with the Drive Cartridge System

The RAID Tower with eSATA interface can be turned into the latest Superspeed USB 3.0 connecting by using the Addonics USB 3.0 to eSATA adapter. RAID Tower equipped with the USB interface can be shared over a LAN by attaching to the Addonics NAS adapter.

These RAID Towers offer great flexibility and large potential storage capacity. They are a perfect solution for a wide range of storage applications such as video storage, data backup, video editing, SAN storage and others.

For those of you interested in adding bullet proof hardware encryption to the RAID storage, please visit the Cipher RAID Tower product page.

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1U RAID Rack

The Addonics 1U RAID Rack is a family of 1U Rackmount chassis with removable drive systems for easily adding and removing hard drives. Comes bundled with all the necessary connecting cables for attaching to your system, these RAID Racks are designed to accommodate as many as four 3.5" SATA hard drives. You can start your RAID Rack with as little as one hard drive and expand b...

4U RAID Rack

The Addonics 4U RAID Rack is a family of Rackmount chassis with built-in Port Multipliers and removable drive systems for easily adding and removing hard drives. It comes bundled with all the connecting cables needed to attach it to your system, these RAID Racks are designed to accommodate as many as twenty SATA hard drives in 3.5" or 2.5" form factor, for The Sapphire family of RAID enclosure is a compact size, light weight and low power external multi-bay storage device that is ideal for expanding the storage on any system. Offering choice of models equipped with different type of interface, the Sapphire Disk Array offers fast external storage performance via eSATA, the SuperSpeed USB 3.0, or mini SAS connec...