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NAS Adapter
NAS Adapter
NAS 4.0 Adapter thumbnail

NAS 4.0 Adapter

The NAS 4.0 is Addonics' 4th generation NAS adapter with several major enhancements... allows attaching either two eSATA or two USB 2.0 storage devices onto the LAN, as many as 16 storages devices (or drive volume) can be attached to LAN using USB hub...

  • Attach up to 16 eSATA or USB HDD, SSD, or USB mass storage devices onto LAN
  • > 75 MB/sec speed on 1G network
  • Single drive volume up to 1 Exbibyte
  • Support >100 SMB and FTP concurrent connections
internal GigaNAS adapter thumbnail

internal GigaNAS adapter - Discontinued

This internal GigaNAS adapter is a simple solution for custom build your own high high capacity Gigabit Network Attached Storage appliance. Come with all the necessary mounting brackets, this Giga NAS adapter can be mounted into any computer chassis ...

  • Attach up to 16 storage devices onto LAN
  • > 85 MB/sec speed on 1G network
  • Support single drive volume over 16TB
  • Same folder can be set up for sharing over LAN or WAN simultaneously
WiFi Drive Adapter thumbnail

WiFi Drive Adapter

The Addonics WiFi Drive Adapter is a handy network device. It is a great tool for wireless sharing of a USB drive or micro SD card. It can also be used as a wireless hot spot for connecting wireless device such as Notebook, Smart Phone or Tablets...

  • Turn any USB 2.0 hard drive, SSD, or a micro SD card into a WiFi storage device
  • Used as a wireless access point to the Internet
  • Great for Wireless file sharing on USB drive or micro SD card or streaming music or video...