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Dear Prospective Domestic Business Partner,

Thank you for your interest in the Addonics Domestic Business Partner (DBP) Program!

Addonics has developed several unique technologies such as Universal Storage Interface Bus (USIB), and Combo Hard Drive. These technologies and design concepts have been incorporated into many of our External storage products. The flexibility and expandability of USIB and the Combo Hard Drive has enabled our products to be deployed in a wide range of storage applications. Our Pocket, Mobile, DigiDrive, and DigiCopier series has been well adopted in the corporate, government/education, and industrial applications.

We continue expanding our full line of data storage products to address the need in various data storage applications. If you are already a Reseller of Addonics product, we would like to invite you to become one of Domestic Business Partners to help expand our market coverage and grow the sales together.

As an Addonics Domestic Business Partner, you will be eligible to receive the following comprehensive support and services

  • Sales leads
  • Drop shipment arrangement
  • Volume rebate
  • Real time update pricing
  • Additional discounts on sales to government/Education accounts
  • Demo unit discount
  • Online order tracking and placement
  • Technical priority support
  • Monthly news update
  • Password to Addonics Proprietary Information

Please fill out the DBP application form online to become one of our business partner. Once we receive your information, we will contact you through e-mail or the phone to discuss the partnering in more details.

Looking forward to partnering with you!

Sincerely yours,

Addonics Business Partner Committee