2-Port eSATA Express Card 34

The 2 Port eSATA ExpressCard and RAID 5/JBOD eSATA ExpressCard 34 enchances your laptop system with two eSATA II ports from a single Express Card slot. Each eSATA II port provides a maximum of 300 MB/sec data throughput through SATA II. You can also attach to each eSATA port as many as 5 hard drives in external drive enclosures that have built-in Port Multiplier technology, such as the Addonics Storage Tower. Together with Addonics' family of eSATA cabling system, Notebook users can enjoy the fastest performance with any external storage devices, as much as 6 times the data transfer rate of the USB 2.0.

The RAID5/JBOD eSATA ExpressCard 34 is the perfect solution for the creation of high performance and fault tolerance RAID or high capacity JBOD storage solutions for Notebook computers via the ExpressCard slot. By stripping multiple hard drives, you can achieve data transfer performance far exceeding any Notebook hard drive performance.

Incorporating the new eSATA connector, this family of ExpressCard adapters provide secured cable connection, improved durability, increased EMI protection, and up to 2 meters cable length for external SATA connection. (For more detail on this new SATA external connector, please review the following white paper posted on SATA-IO.org

Want to know more about Serial ATA? Please visit our tutorial page.

  • Connect up to 2 eSATA storge device to Notebook PC via one Express Card slot
  • Maximum 300 MB/sec. data throughput
  • Port Multiplier compatible
  • Hot-plug capability
  • Support hard drive of capacity 137 GB or higher in one big partition
  • Silicon Image chip set SiI 3132
  • eSATA connector for more secure connection, reliability and supports up to 2 meters cable length
  • Drivers for Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Vista, Mac OS X 10.4.8+ **

**Note: There are currently reports of incompatibility with this controller under Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. Please check back for updates on this incompatibility.

  • 2 eSATA ports
  • 48 bits LBA to Support HDD larger than 137GB
  • Supports 1-lane 2.5Gbps ExpressCard/34
  • Compliant with PCI Express Specification, revision 1.0a
  • Hot-plug capability
  • Supports SATA II transfer rate of 3.0Gbps
  • Fully compliant with Serial ATA 1.0 specifications
  • Supports two independent Serial ATA channels
  • Independent Link, Transport, and data FIFO
  • Independent command fetch, scatter/gather, and command execution
  • Supports Legacy Command Queuing (LCQ)
  • Supports Native Command Queuing (NCQ)
  • Supports Non-zero offsets NCQ
  • Supports Out of order data delivery NCQ
  • Port Multipliers compatible
  • 31 Commands and Scatter/Gather Tables per Port
  • Two LEDs indicate for HDD access
  • Completely with drivers for Windows 2000, Windows XP, 7, 8, Windows Server 2003, Vista
  • Dimension (W x D x H) - 53 x 119 x 14 mm / 2.08 x 4.68 x .55 inches.
  • Weight - 45 grams


ADEXC34-2E - (2 eSATA ExpressCard 34 )
2 Port eSATA ExpressCard 34, Driver CD, User guide,
Price: 35.00


AASA2SAP15C (eSATA - SATA converter cable, 15 cm)
AASA2SAP15C Converter cable for adapting external standard SATA cable to the new External SATA (eSATA) connector. Require additional SATA cable to connect to standard SATA devices. This adapter cable is ideal for connecting SATA storage devices to controllers with eSATA ports such as the Addonics 4-port External SATA II PCI-X controller ADS3GX4R5-E.
Price: 9.00
AASAEDC3F (External SATA data cable, 100 cm.)
AASAEDC3F 100 cm. external Serial ATA cable with standard SATA conncectors on both ends of the cable. Constructed with heavy duty shielding and connector to ensure reliable connection to external data storage devices.
Price: 9.00
AASA2SA100C (External eSATA - SATA cable, 100 cm)
AASA2SA100C eSATA to SATA connecting cable, 100 cm. eSATA connector on one end and heavy duty SATA1 (regular SATA connector) on another end. Great for connecting external SATA storage device to eSATA port.
Price: 12.99
AAESATA100C (eSATA - eSATA cable, 100 cm.)
Content: 100 cm. eSATA connecting cable with eSATA connectors on both ends. Full compliance with eSATA specification. Great for connecting external storage device with eSATA connector to eSATA host controller.
Price: 9.00
AAESATA200C (eSATA cable, 200 cm (6 ft.))
Content: 200 cm. eSATA connecting cable with eSATA connector on both ends. Full compliance with eSATA specification. Great for connecting external storage device with eSATA connector to eSATA host controller.
Price: 13.99
2-Port eSATA Express Card 34
Applies to: ADEXC34-2E
SiI 3132 32-bit universal Mac OS X 10.4.9, 10.4.10, & 10.5.1 BASE DriverĀ 
Applies to: ADSA3GPX1-2E, AD2SA3GPX1, ADEXC34-2E

SiI 3132 32-bit universal Mac OS X 10.4.9, 10.4.10, & 10.5.1 BASE Driver  

SiIicon Image 3132 BASE Driver for Snow Leopard
Applies to: ADSA3GPX1-E, ADSA3GPX1-2EM, ADEXC34-2E

SiI3132b non-RAID driver for for Mac Snow Leopard OS.

SiIicon Image 3132 BASE Driver for Windows
Applies to: ADSA3GPX1-E, ADSA3GPX1-2EM

SiI3132b non-RAID driver for all Windows 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. To use this driver on the ADSA3GPX8-ML and ADSA3GPX8-4E, set jumper on controller to "Disable BIOS".