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SAN Storage Tower

The iSCSI Subsystem installed into the Storage Tower is the perfect balance of storage capacity and portability. With the iSCSI Subsystem installed, three 5.25" remaining drive bays on the Storage Tower are available for customization with your preferred...

  • Three 5.25" drive bays for installation of various types of internal removable drive systems
  • External expansion capabilities through the two SCSI-1 (Centronics-50-pin) punch outs
  • Great for variety of storage...

SAN Storage Rack

The Addonics Storage Rack is a 4U rack mount storage chassis designed to fit onto industrial standard computer rack. Designed to provide tremendous configuration flexibility, the Storage Rack is an ideal platform for creating a custom storage solution with multi-terabytes capability for video storage or editing, data archiving, uninterruptible storage, storage farm or any application that requi...